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SPIRITECH Advanced Products, Inc has been in operation since February 2000, providing high tech engineering services to clients over a wide range of industries. Our main focus is in the area of intelligent integration of lightweight exhaust systems that must survive harsh thermal and acoustic conditions.

SPIRITECH's commitment to developing state of the art technologies, combined with years of experience operating at the highest level of engineering skill, produces unmatched attention to detail at all stages of a product's life cycle. The result- delivery of affordable, timely, and innovative solutions that meet or exceed all of your project goals.

SPIRITECH offers a full range of services capable of catering to your industries needs. Our well-rounded experience includes:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer
  • Thermal Management Techniques
  • Aerodynamics and Computation Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis
  • Combustion Physics and Chemistry Modeling
  • Transient & SS Propulsion System Performance Analysis
  • RCS & IR Design, Analysis, and Testing
  • Drafting and Solid Modeling
  • Exotic/Composite Material Design
  • Experiment/Testing Design and Support
  • Manufacturing (Process and Support)

AND ALWAYS......SPIRITECH's "Above & Beyond" Customer Support

August 2012- Proof-of-concept  acoustic testing of SPIRITECH’s Multi-Stream Coupled Throat VAriable Rotating (STAR) Nozzle was successfully completed. Click Here to Read More.

February 2012- Results of the SPIRITECH Hypersonic Combined Cycle Engine (CCE) Mode Transition dynamic model (HiTECC) were presented by NASA at their Propulsion Control and Diagnostics (PCD) Workshop in Cleveland, OH. Click Here to Read More.

February 2012- SPIRITECH Afterburner Stability and Performance tests were successfully conducted at Wright Patterson Air Force Base’s High-Pressure Combustor Research Facility. Click Here to Read More.

October 2011- SPIRITECH developed and tested a passive afterburner screech suppression system to damp combustion instabilities at frequencies below 1 kHz. Click Here to Read More.

June 2011- SPIRITECH has developed an analysis technique and multiple design configurations for a passive auxiliary device to augment the capabilities of existing aircraft Thermal Management Systems (TMS). Click Here to Read More.

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Exhaust Systems (Afterburner & Nozzle)



Hypersonic Propulsion (Ramjet & Scramjet)

Airframe-Propulsion System Integration

Thermal Management & Controls Integration

Heat Exchanger Design, Analysis, and Testing


Machine Design

Exotic/ Composite Material Design

Rig Design and Testing

RCS Design, Analysis, and Testing

IR Design, Analysis, and Testing

SPIRITECH Advanced Products, Inc.
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